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Here’s My Story

Nathaniel Weisz

Hello everyone.

My name’s Nathaniel Weisz, and this is where I teach you everything I know about saving the environment.

There’s no denying the impacts of climate change around the globe, from the smog in the sky to the microplastics found in our produce and fish.

It’s a big deal, and I want to help to make it a little easier for the earth to recuperate.

That’s why I made Enviroinc. In College, I admittedly wasn’t super into the idea of going green. I thought it was a good thing to do, but I wasn’t invested the way I should have been.

Then I got a job (we’ll call it a job at least) where I knocked on doors in Providence, Rhode Island, and asked people to help make the local bay safer.

It was a commission-style job. On the way back to the headquarters, with the team by my side, we started talking about the global impact of pollution and man-made problems.

It started to click. I then did my own independent research, found some other grassroots movements to be a part of, and spent time cleaning up the local park with a small group of people from my dorm.

I think we’re all a little afraid for the future of our planet, but there’s billions upon billions of us.

We can start making changes right now, and that’s what I want to promote on Enviroinc. I want to make sure that you’re living your best life while also being kind to the environment.

Here, I’m going to show you what materials are renewable, talk about solar energy (a lot about solar energy), and explain why you should compost your household scraps, even if you aren’t gardening.

Every individual choice becomes a collective effort.

Will you join me?