“i Have Been Duped Again By The Organizers District Body Building Association Srinagar.

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Srinagar | Posted : May 20 2017 1:41AM | Updated: May 20 2017 12:10AM The recent Mr Kashmir bodybuilding competition has landed into  controversy as the former defending champion, Umar Bashir has leveled allegations of cheating on the organizers. “I have been duped again by the organizers District Body Building Association Srinagar. Last year I fought my way up and emerged winner and no one stood against me to claim favoritism. However, this year again I was favorite as was visible from the crowd reaction as well as the bodybuilding experts. However at the end when the announcement was made I got shocked so was everyone at the Tagore Hall. It seemed that they had already decided the winner,” Umar Bashir said. “I believe one should check the difference between winner and me through the photographs and videos of the competition. I am mulling legal action against the organizers of the event as I am really dejected and heartbroken with this cheating. If this can happen with me then it can happen with anyone,” he added.

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