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ET caught up with the pro wrestler and actor at the premiere of The Wall in New York City on Thursday night, and his new fiancee, Nikki Bella, was by his side. Recalling what it was like to propose Bella in the WWE ring , Cena quipped, "I guess it can be summed up by just saying I had the b---s to do it." The 40-year-old star revealed he's a hopeless romantic when talking about his upcoming nuptials. "I just wanna make sure that it's a it's a good day," he noted. "We've made our lives very public and I think the world knows that it's been a lot to just get to that proposal Static Contraction Training moment. I want [Nikki] to be as happy as she was at that moment." Provided by ETOnline "I had to retell her things that I told her on that day because she was so happy. She couldn't process it all," Cena added. "As long as we have that happiness on that day, I think I'm good." Clearly emotional over her fiance's sweet thoughts on their wedding, Bella chimed in, "I'm very lucky." The Wall hits theaters on Friday, May 12. Earlier this month, ET's Jennifer Peros was with Bella , 33, at the Romona Keveza bridal show in New York City, and the Total Divas star shared her vision for the couple's big day. "I want like, [a] medium [wedding]. I envision, like, a 150 people, 'cause I still want to keep it very private and intimate, and my side of the family makes it like 150," she shared. "I want black tie.

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Not everybodys eating berries, not everybodys eating beets, not everybodys eating kale. So in 2016, Filippone worked with a lab and manufacturer in Pittsburgh Static Contraction Training to design plant-based nutritional supplements delivered in powder form. The resulting product line, launched in December 2016, is called Forever Juice. There are four products in the line, all powder supplements, that sell for about $49 per 10.58oz tub, which is equivalent to 30 servings. The varieties include Forever Clean (for gastrointestinal tract health), Forever Fit (for energy, endurance, and cognitive function), Forever Function (antioxidants for overall organ health), and Forever Young (phytonutrients to support healthy aging). Being plant-based For Filippone, it was important that his supplement products contained only plant-derived ingredients from US suppliers that use plants also grown in the US. Additionally, he wanted to bring to market a product that is different from what he was used to seeing back in his bodybuilding days. I found a lack of natural, performance enhancing items, he said. I think that todays supplement companies, they mostly thrive on performance based products, they dont thrive on health products. To not let the supplement line cannibalize sales from his prepared meal line, Filippone wanted the messaging to be clear, that these supplements are complementary and should not be meal replacements. Consuming 20 calories from natural sourcesthats not a meal replacement, but a complement, he said. Bringing his experience into product development Before the company brought the product to market, it conducted market research and found that more consumers preferred whole food supplements than those that include performance-enhancing ingredients in their supplements. Another reason why this new line focuses a lot on gastrointestinal health came from Filippones experience with bodybuilding, coaching, and consulting.

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